Food Group Discrimination Activity Healthy Unhealthy Meal


52 cute food items to sort and categorize!

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52 cute food items to sort and categorize! Great for practicing discrimination (i.e., “Is this a fruit or a vegetable?”) and learning food groups in general. Each item is offered on a 3″ card in three ways: without label, with label, and with category prompt (by color). In addition, each option has matching label for use in file folder activity, on bulletin board, etc. There is also a dish image if you want to use the images to discuss creating a healthy, balanced meal.

Included are:

5 breakfast items

5 meal items

12 fruit items

6 drink items

12 vegetable items

12 desert items

(Unfortunately, the amount I was able to include in some categories was limited by images I had available to me. If more become available, I will add them to this activity!)


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