Welcome to The ABA Exchange! The following Terms of Service have been developed to establish a guideline for when visiting The ABA Exchange marketplace. 


The ABA Exchange offers professionals, organizations, and parents the opportunity to participate in the marketplace as a seller, a buyer, or both (furthermore referred to as “users”). Information collected from users when joining the marketplace is used for purposes related to use of the marketplace and will not be provided to third parties or otherwise used without the express permission of the user.

Users are beholden to the Terms of Service as established when participating in voluntary use of this marketplace. Notice of any updating to the Terms of Service will be completed via email notification to the subscripted email address. Information provided by users must be complete, accurate, and updated to ensure transactions and notifications can be completed successfully. The accuracy of content information, evidence-based strategies, and generalization of application (i.e., not client specific) is the obligation of those participating under a seller status.

It is understood that The ABA Exchange provides a platform for sales and does not own or sell resources or products on behalf of sellers or otherwise act as an employer for any user. Users hold the right to cease participation in The ABA Exchange at any time and may do so by closing out their account, at which time buyers will no longer be able to purchase resources and sellers will no longer have listings available for sale.

Marketplace Guidelines:

Listing may be made for materials that are original and for which the seller maintains ownership (i.e., intellectual property). These materials may be delivered in either electronic download format or developed into a product to be mailed, as determined by the seller. The ABA Exchange retains the right to modify categories, subcategories, or listings for the betterment of the marketplace and/or the adherence of these Terms of Service. The seller is solely responsible for the content of their listing and the buyer is solely responsible for the use of the materials once purchased.

Sellers hold the opportunity to develop their own store within The ABA Exchange marketplace. In the development of this store, sellers must operate within the guidelines of appropriate legal guidelines and conduct business in such a manner as to be respectable as to the diverse backgrounds of potential buyers. There should be no use of profanity or cultural insensitivity.

The ABA Exchange logo and marketplace are the intellectual property of owners of The ABA Exchange and may not be used or modified.

Professional Guidelines:

The ABA Exchange offers a marketplace for professionals, organizations, and parents to exchange resources, products, and services relevant to the field of behavior analysis. This is designed to be a central platform facilitating the opportunity for professional growth for behavior analysts as well as for parents, teachers, and professionals across other fields. It is understood that each professional is held to their own profession’s ethical guidelines and will operate under the expectations established by their certification board. The ABA Exchange maintains no liability for the content of a listing or the use of the listing once the sale is made; it is the obligation of the buyer to ensure the content meets evidence-based standards.

Purchases, Sales, and Fees:

Listings may be made by sellers in one of the following three main categories: Resources, Products, and Services.

  • Resources are considered to be materials that can be downloaded by the buyer in the format of electronic delivery.
  • Products are considered to be materials that are mailed to the buyer in the form of tangible materials.
  • Services are considered to be the proposal from a professional to provide the oversight or service delivery to a trainee or supervisee.

There is no cost to join as a buyer on The Marketplace Exchange or for sellers to post a listing for sale. When listing a resource, product, or service on The ABA Exchange, sellers are responsible for determining the price point for their listing. When a buyer chooses to purchase from a listing, they are consenting to the listing price and delivery format. It is the obligation of the seller to ensure downloaded resources function as described and that delivery is completed successfully for mailed products.

All sales are considered to be nonrefundable once the sale is completed. Any perceived discrepancies between listing content and purchase received must first be brought to the attention of the seller before requesting mitigation from The ABA Exchange. For further assistance in any matter, please utilize the “contact us” option to request a review of the dispute and outcome determination.

The ABA Exchange does not charge any fees for buying or listing items. Sellers will receive all profits from sold listings, following the deduction of a 15% service fee. This profit will be made available to the seller immediately. The service fee is subject to change in the future, with prior notice to sellers.

Copyrights & Confidentiality:

Sellers are responsible for listing resources and products that are free from trademark or copyright infringement, such as images that include phrases, logos, or characters from television shows, movies, or video games. It is the obligation of users maintain client confidentiality, as it is applicable to listing resources and products for sale as well as to using the “Post a Want” feature. This must be completed by omitting specific any client-specific identification information.

When purchasing a product, buyers consent to the sharing of their personal information to the seller for purposes of ensuring delivery of the sale.

The ABA Exchange is not responsible for content posted by users and holds the right to examine listings for content at any time. The ABA Exchange maintains the rights to delete any listings and/or remove seller privileges that violate these terms without notification or explanation.

Final Disclosure:

These Terms of Service are a legally binding contract the user acknowledges when joining The ABA Exchange.